TUTU4EVA - Save $16 on Design Your Own Bundles

Save $16 on 3 & 5 Piece DIY Bundles!

Design your fave 3 Piece Outfit for $101 or a complete 5 Piece Outfit for $120 - both inclusive of free domestic shipping!

Here's how it works.

Jump onto the 'Design Your Own' page of the website and get creative!

Start with a Leo-T, then choose your fave Tutu, and add your Sparkle Band - for *huge* amounts of JOY - add the Headbands, Visor OR the Odd or Not Sox & Tutu Pocket - all outfits will arrive in the famous Tutu by You tube, with free shipping.

Make sure your sizing is right in the cart, then head to the checkout - add the code TUTU4EVA in the discount code at checkout and the $16.00 discount will be applied to your order!

We are always available to help out on live chat if you have any questions!

*Tutu by You tube comes with outfits - not individual pieces.